We deliver ‘compliance as a service’ combining people, process and technology to take the pain out of achieving and maintaining payments and personal data compliance in your customer contact centres.

Achieving payments and personal data compliance in customer contact isn’t just about technology. It requires a robust understanding of risks, personal data, financial services regulations and legislation, as well as best-in-breed technology solutions. It also requires a firm grasp of contact centre operations and how to deliver exceptional customer experiences – not to mention finely honed cost and project management skills.

Compliance3 helps contact centres cost-effectively achieve and maintain payments and personal data compliance. In doing so, we help protect our clients’ revenues and margins and significantly reduce the risk of reputational damage and consequential revenue loss – as well as the costs associated with compliance.

Our approach is to address each of our clients individually. Led by business requirements and in turn driven by carefully aligning ongoing and future compliance obligations with existing plans and commitments.

The services we offer take a business entity through their entire payments and personal data compliance journey. Discovering the location of where they are; defining resources, processes and supporting technology provisioning; preparing for the journey ahead and then ultimately managing ongoing compliance obligations – reducing time, effort and cost.

Thanks to our deep and extensive experience within contact centres we are fully aware of the importance of prioritising customer experience and delivering value.

Our technology agnostic positioning frees us to deploy ‘best of breed’ whist at the same time delivering ‘best fit’ to existing resource and technology commitments. It also frees us to work collaboratively with technology partners and specialist solution providers to deliver a ‘one stop shop’ approach to delivering ‘compliance as a service’ across data discovery, managed application access control, compliant access control for historical call recordings, document management, scope reduction and compliance certification.

Our core services are aligned to the ‘compliance journey’ providing agile resources to save time, effort and cost in achieving and maintaining payments and personal data compliance

The ‘Locate’ phase discovers where our client is on the journey, describing the current, understanding the current and exploring future potential.

The ‘Prepare’ phase defines the business requirements and the readiness of the organisation to meet those requirements and builds the compliance business case.

The ‘Provision’ phases focus on the selection and proof of concept of the appropriate technologies whilst the ‘Proceed’ and ‘Manage’ phases focus on testing, deployment and the transition to business as usual.

Each phase includes the precise steps required to help your organisation save time, effort and cost in achieving and maintaining payments and personal data compliance.