About Us

Helping your business make the right decisions to support contact centre payments and personal data compliance whilst ensuring that that all business requirements are met – without compromising customer experience.

The value that Compliance3 bring is based on a unique combination of a history of managing large customer contact projects for brands across the world overlaid with the more recent experiences of delivering new and innovative solutions to meet complex contact centre compliance challenges.

We help your business make the right decisions to align payments and personal data compliance with existing business plans, customer contact strategy, resourcing intentions, customer experience delivery and the technology refresh programme that’s already in place to delivery that.

Making the wrong choices can cost any firm significant amounts of time, resources and cash. We’ve seen it, we know what that those decision pathways looks like and we can absolutely assure you, there is no silver bullet solution.

Supporting your existing payments and personal data compliance projects – whilst you focus on business as usual

In our experience, payments and personal data compliance projects are seen as a necessary evil, an unwanted cost or very often, simply as ‘a pain in the backside’. They soak up resources involving many different operational areas and can be an unwanted distracted to ‘business as usual’ activities.

Getting us involved, even to take a look, can add the clarity and insight gained through our experience of delivering ‘world first’ award winning compliance programmes that have reduced risk and cost for our clients.

Wherever you are on your payments and personal data compliance journey, we can deliver value.

Delivering payments and personal data ‘compliance as a service’ increasing the breadth and depth of available compliance expertise across your business, ‘as and when’ you need it

The payments and personal data compliance landscapes are becoming more demanding.  Updates to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and the publication of the new General Data Protection Regulation will impact every business taking payments by telephone and every business trading within Europe.

Having the appropriate levels of skill and experience available ‘as and when’ you need it, is a service that Compliance3 can provide. We can deliver an agile resourcing programme that meets your unique business requirements without having to rely on a single employee or internal department that may not have the broad base of skills and experience that a company like ours can offer.

Key Features

    • Specialist in delivering and maintaining payments and data compliance in contact centres
    • Offering services at every stage of the compliance journey
    • Reducing time and effort
    • Reducing cost and risk


Compliance3 is a member of the Institute for Collaborative Working.