Data Discovery

Identify and safeguard data – wherever it may be in your organisation

Remote working and different systems and devices mean that the probability of data being found outside of the expected or core data stores is increased. Furthermore, the prolific use of mobile devices and growing acceptance of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ means that the IT function has reduced visibility of where information is being stored.

In the last 12 months*, 90% of large organisations and 74% of small organisations experienced some kind of data breach. Most experienced more than one, with the average being four. 76% of data compromises were achieved using low difficulty attack methods, 49% were due to malicious or criminal attack, 28% due to human error and 23% the result of a systems fault.

These statistics confirm what we already know: it’s vital to protect ALL sensitive data. And to do that, you need to know WHERE the data is.

Market leading technology leveraged by industry experts

Compliance3’s fully managed Data Discovery service helps organisations achieve data compliance in their contact centres and minimise their exposure to data breaches. We use only robust, tried and tested methodologies and market-leading technology.

We start by scanning the organisation’s entire data environment to locate all sensitive data and ensure that card or other sensitive or personal data is not being stored insecurely. At least 95 types of sensitive customer and employee information is searched for and retrieved from servers, workstations, email accounts, databases, cloud and other storage locations used across the entire organisation. To do this, we use the most advanced data security software money can buy.

Armed with vital intelligence into what the vulnerabilities are and where they lie, Compliance3 helps you to plan appropriate remedial actions and prevent these threats from reoccurring in the future. We also work with you to assess the effectiveness of Data Discovery on a regular basis to ensure the technology delivers value and that you respond to identified and potential risk in the best possible way each time, every time.

Data Discovery: Key features

  • Automated scanning as a ‘Business as usual’ process
  • Search and retrieval of over 95 types of data
  • Search of ALL enterprise data stores
  • Central audit initiation
  • Accurate compliance reporting
  • Supplier agnostic
  • Best fit to your business requirements 

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