God loves a tryer

My old mother had a phrase that she would use if I ever did anything particularly stupid; which was perhaps more frequently than I remember.

The phrase was ‘God loves a tryer’, and while it was evident from┬ámy lack of success in many foolhardy ventures that God might indeed ‘love a tryer’, he didn’t necessarily encourage them.

The phrase came to mind when I saw this picture posted on social media, and at least one ill-advised person on my media feed had fallen for it and posted the keys to their wallet on FaceBook for all to read and – in theory – exploit.

Stormtrooper @ Compliance3.com

Much like my recent post showing somebody allegedly harvesting card data from contactless cards (here), I doubt that many people fell for this gambit, but it highlights Compliance3’s message of ‘devaluing data’ – the information that this meme was attempting to harvest was undeniably valuable data – ‘Sensitive Authentication Data’ in the words of the PCI Standards Council.

There’s a world of bad people ‘out there’ and they’re trying to get card details, by any means they can.

We work with companies to ‘take risk off the table’. If card data doesn’t enter a┬ábusiness’s environment then they can’t be storing it – whether deliberately or innocently – and if they’re not storing it then it can’t be stolen.